New iPhones and Apple Watch

At the TWIT Brick House to watch MacBreak Weekly for the Apple announcements

I was in the studio audience for the TWIT Live Special and MacBreak Weekly at the TWIT Brick House for the Apple announcement that introduced the new iPhones and Apple Watch.

It was a lot of fun to be there in person and to see other people’s reaction to the new products.

iPhone 6/6 Plus
I think that most people who follow Apple or who just follow technology news regularly knew that they would come out with two new iPhones (4.7″ and 5.5″) due to the number of rumors and leaks of parts. My initial thoughts are:

  • Wow it’s thin
  • The lens is really protruding from the phone
  • Wish that the antennae lines were not there
  • Should I get the 4.7″ or 5.5″? (I ordered the 5.5″, Space Grey, 64GB; Yes, the ginormous size iPhone)
  • Should I get rid of my iPad Mini Retina now that I’ll have this ginormous phone?

Apple Pay
I thought that this was a more significant announcement than the new iPhones. If Apple is able to partner with the big three credit card companies (Discover is supposedly in talks to join which is great because I love my Discover card) and other large retailers, this could really not make things easier to pay but to ease the consumers’ mind that no one can sees your credit card info. Google made a push with their Google Wallet but it did not seem to gain traction. My only concern is that you’ll need an iPhone (or Apple Watch) and leaves everyone else out in the cold. Perhaps Apple will create an app that will allow other mobile OSes to use their fingerprint scanner to make purchases. I doubt that will happen though.

Apple Watch
This is the device that everyone was waiting for. I had no preconceptions of what they would do. I felt that it would not blow people away like the first introduction of the iPhone but I really curious to see how they would do it differently than the other smart watches.

My initial reaction was it looks nice but I was not blown away. Once Tim Cook talked about it more and they did a demo I tried to imagine how this would fit into my own personal life. I currently use a Fitbit Flex and sometimes I’ll use my Pebble watch. Since the Apple Watch tracks fitness (which looks like it does better than the Fitbit), it’s a watch (I like to wear watches), give me notifications.

I am not too sold on the home screen which looks really busy. If I get one, I will probably keep it simple and not have that many apps on a watch. I like to get notifications from texts, email, upcoming appointments, and sports scores. Facebook and Twitter would get a maybe.

I am pretty excited about it. I am not sure if I would buy it when it comes out but knowing me, I will. There is still a few things that we don’t know about especially with battery life. Of course we’ll find out more once it gets closer to a release date.