It’s $2!

People have been giving the iOS game, Monument Valley, 1 star reviews because of a $2 expansion upgrade, according to Touch Arcade.

It’s pretty sad that people are giving this game bad reviews because of $2. It’s unfortunate that things have come to this beacuse of the freemium model of games or native apps in general.

I don’t develop for iOS or Android but I am a web developer so I can somewhat relate to the hard work that goes into development. It’s like people asking me to create a full website for free. Really? It’s not like I don’t have any bills to pay or food to feed my family. So to complain about paying $2 or even $0.99 for app is sad. If you can afford an iPhone, I am sure you can afford $2.

All of this complaing about paying for apps remind me of this.

(via Touch Arcade and DF)